Jun. 18th, 2016

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You guys are fantastic! I am thrilled this is going so smoothly. Everyone has a gift, and we are on track to open the exchange tomorrow (Sunday at the 19th) at 10 PM EDT.

What time is that for me? | Countdown to the reveal

You can keep putting the finishing touches on your stories and artwork until then.

When the collection goes live, author and artist names will still be hidden. Please don't do anything to reveal your identity (such as posting a link to your own artwork or story on your journal or Tumblr).

Next steps:
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If there are any problems with your gift, I would appreciate it if you'd approach me privately at hamiathesmod@gmail.com.
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Finally, if you're still feeling creative, remember the collection will be open to treats until the creator names are revealed on Sunday, June 26th. Here's more information on treating.


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