Mar. 20th, 2026

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The Hamiathes' Gift Exchange is a fanfiction and fanart exchange for the Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner.

If you don't use Dreamwidth, you can also follow the exchange tag at the Sounis LJ community, and announcements will be posted to the Hamiathes' Gift Exchange on Tumblr.

The schedule for 2017:
  • Character and relationship nominations: June 14th through the 24th at 10 PM EDT
  • Signups: June 27th through July 8th, closing at 10 PM EDT
  • Assignments sent out: July 10th at the latest
  • Fanworks due: August 19th at 10 PM EDT
  • Fanworks revealed: August 26th at 10 PM EDT
  • Artists/authors revealed: September 2nd at 10 PM EDT

The exchange will be hosted on AO3:
If you have questions, you can comment to posts here or email


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The Queen's Thief fanworks exchange

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