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I couldn't post a reminder yesterday about nominations closing, so I'm extending them until tomorrow, June 25th at 10 PM EDT. I'm still planning to open signups by June 27th.

If you nominated the character Laela, she's already been approved as Laela (Queen's Thief), so I'm leaving that nomination unapproved for now. Feel free to edit if you'd like a different character!

I still have two questions. If I haven't heard back by the time signups open, I will be adjusting these nominations to Relationship: Eugenides & Sophos and Relationship: Eddis/Sophos:
  1. Relationship: Attolis & Sounis: By Sounis, do you mean Sophos or his uncle? Do you mind if I change Attolis to Eugenides for consistency with the rest of the tag set?
  2. Relationship: Eddis/Sounis: As above, by Sounis, do you mean Sophos or his uncle?
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