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 As I post this, the deadline is in about 10 hours! That's Sunday, June 12th, at 10 PM EST EDT. (Edited so this matches previous posts and the link below. EST is an hour later. Don't worry, though, you can take the extra hour. Sorry for any confusion! :) 

What time is that for me? | Countdown to the deadline 

If you have any concerns about the deadline, please email me at to discuss it.


As of the deadline, your gift as posted must fulfill the rules of the exchange, unless you have received an extension. However, you're welcome to edit, have a beta look at it, or expand on the gift up until the collection is revealed for reading and viewing on June 19th. If you still need a beta, you can find one here.

If some people who have finished their assignments don't yet have gifts by the 19th, I will delay this reveal until they do.

Important: After the collection is revealed on the 19th, the stories and art will still be anonymous. Writers and artists, please don't do anything that could identify you at that time! You can still respond to comments if you log into AO3. They will appear as "Anonymous Creator" until I reveal all the names.

The names of the artists and writers will be revealed on Sunday, June 26th, if all goes well. (I will be traveling on that day and may have to delay creator reveals if I don't have internet access.)

The collection will stay open for treats (extra art and stories) until the 26th. Here's more information on treating.


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