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Nominations for 2017 are open! They will close on June 24th at 10 PM EDT.

There are some slight differences in nominations this year--mostly, you'll be allowed to nominate both characters and relationships. See below for details. I have also included Worldbuilding (Any Character) as a tag for those who want to request a stories about the mythology, history, cultures, etc. of The Queen's Thief without specifying individual characters. No need to nominate worldbuilding--it's already there.

As always, feel free to get in touch if you have questions, and please share a link with on your journal/Tumblr/other platform of choice!

The tag set is here.

Links of interest:

Exchange on AO3 | Announcements at Tumblr | Exchange on LJ


What are nominations for?

When you sign up to request and offer fanworks, you’ll select from the characters and relationships listed in our tag set. Nominations are how we create that tag set.

Do I need to nominate?

You can sign up without participating in nominations, but be aware that your signup can only include characters or relationships from the tag set. If you want to make certain you can request or offer a particular character or relationship, you may want to nominate them.

How do I nominate characters or relationships?

First, you need an AO3 account. If you don’t have one, you can request one here.

When you’re logged into AO3, open the nominations form, enter up to four characters or relationships, enter <em>The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner</em> in the Fandom field, and submit!

If you're interested in requesting or offering fanworks featuring an individual character (for example, Heiro), simply enter that character's name.

If you're interested in requesting or offering fanworks featuring a platonic relationship (for example, Heiro and Agape interacting as rivals or friends), enter "Relationship:", then the characters' names separated by an &, like this: Relationship: Heiro & Agape

If you're interested in requesting or offering fanworks featuring a romantic or sexual relationship (for example, Heiro and Agape as girlfriends), enter "Relationship:", then the characters' names separated by an /, like this: Relationship: Heiro/Agape

You'll put both characters and relationships in the Character field. Sorry, I know that's a little confusing! :)

If you're interested in requesting a worldbuilding story without specifying characters, no need to nominate--that tag is already provided!

Which characters or relationships should I nominate?

To make signups and matching easier, please nominate characters and relationships you have a genuine interest in requesting or offering.

Only one nomination is necessary per character or relationship, so you may want to coordinate with other people to be sure you aren’t duplicating nominations. You can check the tag set to see what has already been approved.

Only characters who appear in or are mentioned in the Queen’s Thief books or short stories, and relationships containing these characters, will be approved.

What happens next?

I’ll be approving nominations periodically. This should be pretty straightforward. AO3 doesn’t tell the mod who put in each nomination, so in the event I have questions, I’ll post them to the Livejournal and Dreamwidth communities. You may want to keep an eye out for posts there.

You can edit your nomination until it’s been approved. At that time, you’ll no longer be able to edit.
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