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All right, everyone, nominations are closed, the tag set is finalized, and signups are open! If you've done a Yuletide-style exchange on AO3 before, the process should be pretty similar. If you haven't, have a look at the explanation and examples below, check out the FAQ and rules on AO3, and let me know if you have questions!

Also, please spread the word--the more, the merrier.

The signup link is here!

Quick points:
  • Signups run from Tuesday, June 27th to Saturday, July 8th
  • You'll need an AO3 account to sign up. You can request one here if you don't already have one. The wait list is currently at about 6 days, which should give you enough time
  • Please read the rules before signing up so you know what you're agreeing to do

How signups work:

Each of us will use a form on AO3 to make requests and offers.

You must make at least two requests, each of which specifies a character or  from the tag set and indicates that you’re requesting fanfiction, fanart, or both. You may make up to eight requests. Each request can also include optional details about your preferences, ideas for prompts, etc. More about that below. Your assigned writer or artist is responsible for creating a fanwork featuring the character or relationship in any one of your requests. You can also request Worldbuilding (Any Character) for a story or artwork about the history, cultures, mythology, etc. of the Queen's Thief without specifying individual characters.

Offers are simple—you’ll just list the characters or relationships from the tag set about whom you’re willing to write or illustrate, specifying whether you’re offering fanart, fanfiction, or both

An important note on relationships--if characters are connected by &, this refers to a platonic relationship. If they are connected by an /, this refers to a romantic or sexual relationship. For example, if you want a story or artwork featuring Heiro, request Heiro (Queen's Thief). If you want a story or artwork featuring Heiro and Agape as friends or rivals, request Relationship: Heiro & Agape. If you want a story or artwork featuring Heiro and Agape as girlfriends, request Relationship: Heiro/Agape.

Optional details:

When you're making requests, it can be helpful to give your author/artist a little more detail than just the characters you're requesting. Remember that your author or artist is only required to create a work featuring your specified characters. If you ask for a specific story prompt or for art in a particular style, they may not be able to meet that request, and they aren't required to. Try not to be too proscriptive here--think of it as a way to explain why you like these characters and why you're interested in getting fanwork about them, and a way to kickstart your author/artist's creativity if they need it.

You can include either a link to a letter hosted on your journal or type directly in the optional details box in the signup form. If you're linking to your journal, please make sure it isn't friends-locked, or your creator won't be able to see it!

Do Not Want list:

If there's anything you specifically don't want to receive in your gift, you can include a Do Not Want list in the optional details section. Examples might be things that squick or trigger you or 'ships you aren't interested in. This isn't about making value judgments, just about indicating your comfort level and making this a good experience for everyone.

Authors and artists must respect this list. When you're specifying Do Not Wants, please include them in the optional details text box in your signup, not in the letter, so I as the mod can be aware of them.

Examples: mature content, kidfic, violence, character death.

The tag set is here.
This is the full list of nominated characters and relationships you can choose from when offering and requesting fanwork. Click "expand all" to see everyone.
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