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Assignments have been sent out!

To fulfill your assignment, you must post it to the Hamiathes’ Gift Exchange Challenge on AO3 by August 19th.

You can choose any of the requests, not necessarily the one you matched on, but the request must feature the character or relationship listed in that request, must match the specified medium (fanart or fanfiction), and must meet the minimum of 500 words for fanfiction and 500x500 pixels for fanart. Relationships with an & must be platonic in nature, while relationships with an / must be romantic or sexual.

Questions, concerns, or problems?
  • If you didn't get an email, try the Assignments link on the left-hand side of your AO3 page. If you don't see it there, please contact me privately right away. My gmail is hamiathesmod.
  • If you have general questions about the exchange, you can send an email or leave a public comment.
  • If you have a question or concern specifically about your assignment, please email me privately. Remember that gifts will remain anonymous until September 2nd. I'm happy to ask your recipient for clarification on their prompts!
  • If you cannot fulfill your assignment, please let me know as soon as possible by clicking the Default button. I understand that things come up--just get in touch! If you don't either default or turn in your assignment by the deadline, you'll need to complete a makeup assignment in order to participate next year
Stand by for updates on treats, betas, and how pinch hits will work this year!

Thank you for participating, and be blessed in your endeavors!


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