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Matching is done, and assignments are out! You should have received an email containing your assignment. If you haven't, try checking your spam folder.

If there are any problems with your assignment--for example, none of the requests contain the characters you offered, or all of the requests are for fanart but you offered fanfiction--then please email me at

General process or timeline questions can go in the comments to this post, but remember that this is an anonymous exchange until June 26th, so please use email to communicate with me about anything specific to your assignment.

What happens next?

You have until June 12th to fulfill your assignment. You can choose any one of the requests in that assignment (even if it's not the one that matched your offer). Your fanwork must feature all of the characters specified in that request, and it must match the specified type of work for that request (fanfiction, fanart, or either).

My assignment includes a link to a letter, but the URL doesn't work.

If the link goes to an entry at LJ or DW and it's a locked post, try giving it another day to see if your recipient unlocks it. At that point, you can email me, and I'll get in touch with them.

If the link doesn't work at all, let me know over email, and I'll follow up right away.

Do I have to include all of the optional details/everything they say in the letter?

No, the optional details and the letter are just there to give you some insight into your recipient's preferences and to be a jumping-off point for story and art ideas.

Important exception: If your recipient included a Do Not Want list, you must not include those things in your fanwork.

I have a question about my assignment.

You can send me an email at with questions. Please don't post questions as comments to this post, as we want to keep everything anonymous at this point!

If you have a question about your recipient's optional details--maybe you need more specifics about something on their Do Not Want list, or you don't quite understand one of their suggested prompts--I'll contact them anonymously on your behalf and will send you an email when I have an answer.

How do I post my assignment?

There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest is to go to your dashboard on AO3 and click Assignments in the menu at the left. Find your assignment for this exchange and click the Fulfill button. The Post New Work form will open for you. In the Associations section, you should see "Hamiathes' Gift Exchange 2016 (your recipient's name)" in the Open Assignments box.

Can I keep editing my story or artwork after I post it?

Yes, you'll still be able to edit it. Just make sure you have a complete story or artwork that meets the requirements posted by June 12th. If you don't, it will be considered a default.

All fanworks posted to the challenge will be hidden until June 19th, so you'll have an extra week to fine-tune your assignment.

I have to drop out of the exchange.

I expect everyone who signed up to do their best to fulfill their assignment, but if you need to drop out, the important thing is to let me know as soon as you can so I can find a replacement creator.

To default on your assignment, go to your dashboard on AO3 and click "Assignments" in the menu at the left. Find your assignment for this exchange and click the "Default" button.

If you default, there won't be any consequences this time around. (That might change if this exchange becomes a regular thing.) However, if you drop out and the person assigned to create for you also drops out, I won't find a replacement creator for you.

What are the rules, again?

Here they are!


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