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Matching is done, and assignments are out! You should have received an email containing your assignment. If you haven't, try checking your spam folder.

If there are any problems with your assignment--for example, none of the requests contain the characters you offered, or all of the requests are for fanart but you offered fanfiction--then please email me at

General process or timeline questions can go in the comments to this post, but remember that this is an anonymous exchange until June 26th, so please use email to communicate with me about anything specific to your assignment.

What happens next? Read more... )

My assignment includes a link to a letter, but the URL doesn't work. Read more... )

Do I have to include all of the optional details/everything they say in the letter? Read more... )

I have a question about my assignment. Read more... )

How do I post my assignment? Read more... )

Can I keep editing my story or artwork after I post it? Read more... )

I have to drop out of the exchange. Read more... )

What are the rules, again?

Here they are!
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Signups are open! They will close on Friday, April 15th, not before 10 PM EDT.

What time is that for me?

Countdown to the end of signups

If you want more information about signups, you can start here.

If you're ready to sign up, the form is here.

After signups close, I'll run AO3's automatic matching algorithm. You will be assigned a recipient, for whom you'll create a fanwork, and an author or artist, who will create a fanwork for you. You'll get an email with the details of your recipient's request, but you won't know who is assigned to fulfill your request.

How does matching work? Read more... )

How long does matching take? Read more... )

Do I have to write or create art for the specific request I matched on? Read more... )

What exactly am I signing up to do? Read more... )

What if I'm not sure I can fulfill those requirements? Read more... )

What if I'm interested in creating different types of fanworks? Read more... )


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