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I hope everyone's excited about their assignments, and the creative gears are turning!

As promised, I'm posting about ways you can participate in the exchange even if you didn't sign up. All of these are optional.


Treats are a fun, extra part of many exchanges, where you can create additional fanworks for any participant based on their requests. I have made the full list of requests public. If any of them catch your eye, have at it!The rules for treats are relaxed. The minimum requirements (500 words for fic, 500x500 pixels for art) do not apply, so they can be any size or length. They may not contain anything on the Do Not Want list.

The due date for treats is June 26th, when the names of artists and authors are revealed. Treats will stay hidden until June 19th, like official assignments, and will be anonymous until June 26th.

If you have a question about a request you'd like to treat, you can email me at, and I can reach out to that person on your behalf.

Instructions for treating:
  1. When you post the work on AO3, scroll down to the Associations section.
  2. In the Post to Collections / Challenges field, start typing "Hamiathes' Gift Exchange" and select the name of this exchange from the dropdown list. Make sure you select it from the list, or it might not work.
  3. In the Gift this work to field, type in the name of the person you're treating and select their name from the list. Some user names are very similar to others--make sure it's spelled exactly as you see it in the list of requests so it goes to the right person.

Pinch hits:

If someone drops out of the exchange, I'll need to find a replacement artist or writer to take their assignment. When that happens, I'll contact a list of volunteers with details of the assignment. Signing up for the pinch hit list doesn't commit you to anything--you'll be able to review the requests and decide if you can take one of them.


If you're willing to provide feedback on someone's fanfiction or fanart before it's posted, you can offer to be a beta reader or viewer! I'll collect details on beta offers and will post a Google spreadsheet with that information so artists and writers can get in touch with you.

To sign up for the pinch hit list or offer beta services, you can fill out this quick form.


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