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We have our first pinch hit! This is due on August 19th, at the same deadline as the other assignments.

To claim this pinch hit, please comment with your AO3 name. All comments to this post are screened to preserve anonymity. If you don't have an AO3 name but can fulfill this request, just let me know--we can work that out!

ETA - this is now claimed! Thank you so much for the multiple offers.

Request 1 by Chocolatepot
Relationship: Attolia/Eugenides
Type: Fanfiction

Some thoughts:
- a look at them in public, playing their roles
- or a wholly private moment where they're free to be themselves
- or playing with/teaching their children years down the line
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Request 2 by Chocolatepot
Relationship: Eugenides & Sophos
Type: Fanfiction

- a moment when they get to be friends again, instead of allied kings
-or when their relationship takes on a new twist after they're related by marriage
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Request 3 by Chocolatepot
Relationship: Costis/Kamet
Type: Fanfiction

For real, basically anything?
- explicitly shippy fic where they talk about why they love each other
- a scene that shows one protecting the other like in canon
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